As every year Christmas has come to Barcelona, in the few days to celebrate the new year’s eve, many people are ready to prepare

special occasions to share with their family. Christmas is a magic being that reminds us of the good times of the past

and the present that have passed year after year.

Surely you will have noticed that at this time the entire city of Barcelona and their people change their plans to start a new year and thus celebrate it

in a special way that remembers all the values ​​of the Christmas spirit and family traditions.

Although, always take over the organization of all family meals, becomes a demanding task.

In these holidays, we are also preparing to celebrate the end of the year in a special and unique way with our clients, a special occasion

to commemorate our oldest traditions and share the best moments with joy.

For this farewell of the year 2019, we want to make a celebration in style with an elegant dinner, that represents the authentic Mediterranean essence.

We want our clients, like you, to make Bivio their place to celebrate this holidays, not only for the food or the environment but for the excellent company!

We plan to make these parties bigger than ever! Our purpose is that our clients enjoy a great celebration with all of us throughout the night,

accompanied by the best dishes of Barceloneta quarter, the most popular cocktails, the best music and the longest spree until the dawn,

giving the Welcome to the new year 2020 in our private Club Bivio.

What will you find at the New Year’s Eve dinner at the Bivio restaurant?

> Dishes inspired by the Mediterranean cuisine of Barcelona, in our “New Year’s Eve menu” you will find sea and land specialties accompanied by homemade sauces combined with the best natural ingredients.

> Quality Spanish wines to accompany all the dishes with varieties of Crianza and Verdejo to choose, and Champagne to offer the farewell of the year 2019 and give way to the year 2020. 
You can also savor our most tropical cocktails to enjoy this party night.

> Homemade desserts, lucky grapes, cotillon and a party with our DJ to celebrate the end of the year bells and dance until dawn with the best music and the best atmosphere of the Barceloneta quarter.

You can check our full menu from this link:


Finally, on these dates, we want to thank all our collaborators, colleagues and friends who are making this event possible at the Bivio restaurant, 
so we want to share some of our collaborations made by the end of the year.